The Story of InterTaG

The InterTaG project started in 2015 when Rosho worked for a well-known company in Scandinavia, rolling out a new version of their global e-commerce. The necessity of structured operational governance became painfully apparent. Millions, ultimately billions, could have been saved, and years of rollout were wasted. The cost of the program and the missed market opportunity were skyrocketing by the simple fact of making wrong decisions by the wrong people at the wrong time, ignoring data, and even falsifying existing facts and numbers. Teams and people were demotivated, and when senior management made more unrealistic announcements, people laughed or cried.

Rosho and a few inspirational leaders sat together and imagined what could be done to avoid such disasters. They designed a utopia of an ideal organization where:

  • People could map out the roles and responsibilities of everyone at every step
  • Data were available in real-time
  • Competent people make decisions, transparent, rational, data- and fact-based, following clear principles, not rules
  • The aggregated efficiency and energy consumption were measured on a timeline
  • Forecasts and projections following predictive analytics and data models
  • Frameworks were not implemented for their own sake but pragmatically used to improve
  • Everyone could trigger improvement initiatives and innovation
  • Silent heroes were recognized, not only the loud superheroes
  • Asynchronous topic-based digital governance and communication

From a few whiteboard sketches, we decided to develop some visualizations and ontology maps and bring together all the spreadsheets and PowerPoints into a single Enterprise OS and digital platform under the name of GovOS in a company called Entropositive. We were too early! In 2016 nobody was interested in our high-flying ideas and realizations.

Time passed, Covid, war, energy crisis, ever-increasing complexity, and decades of lack of vision or strategy finally brought the pressure high enough that people were actually interested in the new angles that we were proposing. “You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it”, said a wise man once. We finally had the radical new integral approach and the method to create solutions.

The founders had implemented Augmented Leadership and Scaled Business Agility in stealth mode in the meanwhile, with a very high success rate. Working as program consultants, managing digital transformations, we had ample opportunities to implement our methodology in real-life large enterprise environments, over the World. To support, we continued to use spreadsheets and slides, so we know it worked.

We feel that now is the time when our Governance Operational System, renamed in InterTaG should be built, as the World needs it more than ever!

Rosho, Bangkok, December 2022

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