The InterTaG Project

Our Vision: The World is a Project, and the Method is the Solution

Does the World need another Internet? We already have the Internet of Information, the Internet of Assets, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Everything, (IoE) and the Internet of Energy. What is missing, and what is the most important? What is the root cause of all issues at any scale, local, regional, national, continental, or global, societies, corporations, NGOs, or companies?

The Internet of Governance: how we decide, and Transformation: how we handle change.

In the 21st century, we still use the governance structures and technologies of the 16th to the 20th century in all countries, corporations, companies, NGOs, and even families. Would it not be time to bring in more effective and evolutionary methods now that we are at the end of the life cycle of the current systems?

R. Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

We have envisioned and initiated the next level of operational global platform: The Internet of Transformation and Governance, the InterTaG.

The Internet of Transformation and Governance

InterTaG is a public and commercial Web3 cognitive meta-platform for people and organizations, open-source, DAO-based, AI/ML- and blockchain-operated. It provides interactive guidance for best-practice and visualizations to map and run ontologies, governance forums, processes and workflows, product development lifecycles, team, matrix, or project roles and responsibilities, workforce management, metrics, and dashboards. It can be integrated with external data sources, ERP, CRM, BI, Finance, HR, Jira, project management apps, etc. The goal is to have a single and simple tool to visualize and manage complete organizations, entities, teams, initiatives, projects/programs, statuses, KPI, OKRs, alarms, bottlenecks, etc., on a timeline. We can use AI-powered predictive mode to simulate outcomes of decisions, monitor data quality, and follow up on transitions, for example. Machine Learning makes the platform more powerful every day. Digital Governance is traceable/auditable by blockchain technology, and forums and governance rules are fully configurable and flexible to follow exact existing models and to improve them. Everything that is currently done in multiple Excel sheets, apps, and databases of all kinds can be integrated, imported, and digitalized, ready for the 21st-century collaboration style.

The InterTaG will enable, empower, generate and operate swarm intelligence and governance.

Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Today, data is scattered, chaotic, and not always collected from trustworthy entities. This has to change. Only data collection with explicit consent and by trusted organizations can realize the promising benefits of the future.

Here is the starting point of the InterTaG: introduce new thinking and methods to enable us to solve our problems, optimize operations, get faster to markets, trustfully handle data, and improve cash flow.

In our vision, just as the Internet of Information has entirely changed our lives in many ways, the Internet of Transformation and Governance will become mainstream within the next 10 years.

In our vision, the InterTaG will help solve some of the most crucial problems and inequalities in our societies:

Augmented Leadership and Feminine Leadership

Have you noticed how few women are in governance?

Shown below is the worldwide tendency of Feminine Leadership over the last 30 years:

Source: Unesco, International Labour Organization

Only 22% of all leaders in the World are Women, and in 30 years the progress was 3%. What does that tell us? The current governance style is toxic and not suitable for women. That is why the World is ruled by men. Women get bullied, have to be more competent, and still get less paid.

With InterTaG, we are working on digital platforms, using leadership principles and methodologies that suit women and men equally. Gender and age neutrality is necessary if we want sustainability and to build better versions of the future.

The Augmented Leadership Manifesto

The InterTaG is based on the twelve elementary principles of the Augmented Leadership Manifesto and framework: adaptive and evolutionary, also called agile and lean, iterative, self-organized, competence managed, data-driven, and digital. Exactly the contrary of what we generally observe: opinion-based, ideological, gender-biased, age-discriminating, family-unfriendly, bureaucratic, high-entropy world-views, and behavioral antipatterns.

Leadership will become more feminine as soon as we create non-toxic environments where women AND men can breathe and work normally. Men are invited to join, but please leave out the too-much of testosterone and paternalism.

We build the InterTaG as a member of the Startup Booster Program at the True Digital Park in Bangkok.

Rosho, Bangkok, December 2022