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The InterTag Team, Robert “Rosho” Hopp, Yuko Osao, Andreas Dahrendorf, Otmar J. Jenner, SPC, Otmar J. Jenner, SPC Jürgen Bertrams, Evran Camus, Dr. Elisabeth Ignasiak, is pleased and honored to announce our partnership with the Thai Digital State Agency IMT Group (Social Enterprise), a Digital State Agency.

The IMT Group team’s Co-CEO Karin Kittithanon promotes digital development in Thailand and the world by offering a wide range of services through the Sprout Community Platform. IMT aims to develop global networking opportunities by hosting commercial, financial, and legal services, real estate development, coop networks, visa services, company formation, business consulting, and more.

Our partnership defines our companies’ ambition and common efforts to build an InterTaG platform for the 100,000 members* strong Thai and global business network and community.

InterTag promotes digitalization for organizations of all sizes.

The IMT-Sprout-InterTaG platform project starts with an MVP containing the following:

  • Employment (HR), partnership platform and marketplace for jobs and opportunities in Thailand, open to everyone, but in particular:
  • For SMART Visa holders (exempt from work permits in Thailand)
  • Workforce for other State Agencies and institutions
  • Payroll service
  • Relocation and expat-related services
  • Ecommerce and marketplace for Sprout members
  • Products and services, buy, sell, or exchange among members and external partners, and customers
  • Fully digital visa application for our BOI SMART Visa sponsoring activity
  • Payment platform, wallet for our SEC-approved cryptocurrency “SproutCoin”, invest, pay, buy, get paid, loans, crowdfunding, fiat from/to crypto, etc. 
  • Mobile payment services for the unbanked
  • “SproutBook” Social Media platform
  • Service and market hub for members and agents, service catalog, e.g.:
  • Company formation
  • Legal services
  • Enterprise consulting and coaching services
  • Access to Metaverse projects

After the MVP phase, we are expecting to add more modules from the InterTaG portfolio:

  • Heat-mapping digital capabilities and maturity
  • (Self)assessment of digital potential and possible benefits
  • Ontology and business process mapping
  • Data-driven Digital Governance and decentralized decision-making for everyone
  • Guided step-by-step Digital Transformation for SMEs
  • Guided dynamized decentralized innovation funnel (Kakushin©)
  • Practical use of Augmented Leadership© Framework and principles: Tebiki©, Ikigai, Nemawashi©, etc.

We are confident of the sustainable nature of our partnership, in line with both companies’ values and our combined ideation capacity to overcome the challenges of organizations and society. 

We believe in decentralization, competence-driven decisions, and the power of connectedness.

You are welcome to contact the partners for any questions you would have:

*by the end of the year 2023

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