Have you heard about Sprout?

Sprout by IMT in the fabulous Space T77 by the Phra Khanong Canal in Bangkok is worth the journey! You have heard about the Internet of Everything? NFT, Crypto-currencies, payment platforms, Metaverse, Web3 platform for thousands of Thai businesses? Sprout has it all! You need a visa, a bank, or support for your startup, technology, or institutional partners? Go and see them.

Visit https://imtgroup.co.th/ and meet a genius Universal mind called Josh, the creative mind behind all this.

Sprout is here: https://sproutstory.community/

The philosophy behind Sprout is all about the continuation of the work of King Bhumibol Rama IX, who had started to transform rural Thailand with a series of measures around cooperatives and independent institutions. Very soon, there will be 12 million farmers in 800 cooperatives on the Sprout platform, digitally connected, exchanging tokens and digital coins, and able to use an NFT payment platform.

There is also a project for restaurant delivery, with a fair business model, developing them instead of strangling them little by little with high fees.

Discover by yourself!

Yuko and Rosho, 11/03/2023, Bangkok

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