Here is what your DTO can do for you:

Organizations are sitting on ignored treasures. Some are willing to pay external consultants to reveal their potential but forget to include those with internal knowledge. The result is often high change management costs once the consultants are gone. InterTaG has a decisive advantage with a radically distributed approach by including, involving, and decentralizing the ownership of the transformation.
Imagine when you could see what your organization becomes if you make one choice or another! How do the KPI, OKR, and business objectives evolve on a timeline? Browse through the best versions of futures for your organization with InterTaG! Machine Learning and AI-fueled.
Check multiple scenarios with various parameters in real time with confidence. Your master data is up-to-date and checked for consistency. InterTaG makes sure of it and pulls all the strings together.
Take a virtual walk into the corners of your organization that you would have never seen before from the inside angle. People-Process-Technology, everything is there. Your organization's ontology, including the business processes, has been captured and updated in real-time, by the people who are directly responsible. Lean-Agile excellence in motion!
Look at your dashboard and see what is happening right now. Which systems are ok, and which are at risk or broken? All connected systems are reporting. All the employees are closely in touch, skipping hierarchical filters or delays. InterTaG is the cockpit for the organization's pilots, providing them with all they need to know to make informed decisions when they need it.
Do you believe that quality, sustainability, and security are the responsibility of everyone? InterTaG is the platform where this principle becomes a day-to-day reality.
Business Agility is key to sustainability and efficiency. Map and improve agile maturity and follow-up iterations and innovation cycles. All in one integrated platform.
The Digital and the Analogue brothers work together and mutually improve every day. The Analogue Brother soon cannot live without his Digital Twin, who is so much more flexible and faster! DTO knows already. ATO still has to ask and wait for reporting...
InterTaG maps the existing governance and digitalizes it, making implicit governance explicit. Digital Governance brings transparency, and Blockchain and Web3 technology bring us from Trust to Truth. InterTaG is built on Truth, making Trust systems obsolete. Shareholders will love a whole new level of compliance and transparency!
All the complexity of your organization is decoded on InterTaG. See heat spots and improvement potential in real-time, on a timeline, in 2D or 3D.
InterTaG has Portfolio Management integrated into the Innovation and Improvement funnels and operates the governance. Decisions are made at the level where knowledge and competence are. Innovation is everywhere! Capture it in one place!
When we say Digital Twin and Metaverse, we mean IoT, sensors that connect anything and everywhere for metrics and statuses. With InterTaG and its radically decentralized approach, we connect not only the machines and systems, but the people and teams. InterTaG uses the broad cognition of us humans in feedback loops and draws automated heatmaps. People become as connected as IoT devices. InterTaG becomes their day-to-day operational system, just like email, CRM, or what they usually work on. The organization becomes a hive, a swarm, a connected organism, combining and multiplying all types of intelligence.
The 12 Principles of the Augmented Leadership Manifesto Unleash Swarm Intelligence within your teams. Your productivity will multiply when the neurons in your organization get connected! The future will not work with the same principles as the industrial past.
Tebiki© is Japanese for guidance or steering, and InterTaG uses this most powerful principle as the common ground for human-machine collaboration efficiency. Tebiki is the compass for decision-making of all types of intelligence.